You deserve a state government that does things for you, not to you. West Michigan has been my family's home for generations. I've worked throughout state and local government standing up for our small towns and small businesses. As Barry County's chief elected official, I know what it means to be accountable, and what it takes to make government work for you.


​But we can't have good government if Lansing isn't listening. The flood of pandemic executive orders created confusion and frustration, hurt livelihoods and eroded public trust. It did not have to be that way. As State Representative, I'll push back against short-sighted policy and divisive politics. I'd be honored to have your vote!


Ben Geiger

Barry County Commissioner

Republican Candidate for State Representative

Trusted Conservative Leadership.

restore trust &
respect your rights

Burdensome executive orders. Unfair corporate handouts. Gridlock on common sense reforms. If state government is to rebuild trust, our leaders need to listen to all voices, not just their followers on Twitter.


 I've served the public for more than a decade. I know what it takes to uphold my oath to you and our Constitution. As your State Representative, I'll help refocus state government on issues that matter, and earn back trust lost during this pandemic.

Accessibility is part of accountability. If you'd like to chat about a topic, feel free to call or text me at 517-574-9100, or email me at

accountability &
fiscal discipline

I've led a county government and worked in the governor's office and the state legislature. More than any other candidate, I understand how Lansing collects and spends your hard-earned money. 

As State Representative, I'll be a leader for smart, accountable budgeting practices which don't fleece taxpayers and don't return Michigan to the days of the Great Recession.

service above

Too many politicians focus on the number of Facebook likes they get, how many headlines they grab, or how many people recognize them at the grocery store. As State Representative, speaking up for  your and our shared values will be my first and only priority. 

From Lowell to Mulliken, and from Ionia to Nashville, the 78th District is dotted by towns with great histories and great people. I've met so many of you during my time in state and local goverment - and I look forward to meeting more of you on the campaign trail.



State Rep. Julie Calley

State Rep. Bryan Posthumus

State Sen. Rick Outman

Former Lt. Governor Brian Calley

Former Lt. Governor Dick Posthumus

Michigan Right to Life

National Rifle Assocation - AQ Rating

Michigan Manufacturers Association

Small Business Association of MIchigan

More about Ben

Commissioner Ben Geiger has served Barry County since 2011. As one of the youngest commissioners ever elected, Ben has brought innovation and accountability to county government. As Commissioner and Board Chairperson, he's gotten results.


  • Reformed the pension system, eliminated redundant administrative positions and paid down millions in debt

  • Led the charge to eliminate the controversial time-of-sale regulation

  • Put more police on the streets

  • Invested in trails and expanded ORV access to county roads

  • Promoted transparency by overhauling online services and streaming county board meetings

In addition to serving as Commissioner, Ben has seen state government up close as an aide in the State Legislature and communications professional in the Governor's Office. More importantly, Ben is a lifelong resident of the area. The Geiger family has been in Woodland Township since the time of Lincoln, which means serving area families is deeply personal to him.


  • Born and raised in Woodland

  • Graduate of Lakewood High School and Western Michigan University

Here are Ben's positions on important issues. If you have questions, feel free to reach out.

  • Proven leader in the local Republican Party

  • Proudly pro-life and a strong defender of the Second Amendment

  • Supporter of fair and secure elections - including voter ID requirements

  • Opposed to the mask-mandate in schools